Water Facts

  1. Arizona uses about the same amount of water today as we did in 1957 and we have been lowering our use as a state every year since 1980.
  2. Since the nineties, the population of Phoenix has grown steadily, from about one million in 1990 to more than 1.5 million today. Although the growth in water use more or less kept pace with the growth of the city in the nineties, total water use has actually declined in recent years, thanks in part to effective water conservation by homes and businesses. The chart shows the population and water use of Phoenix for 1990-2020.

  3. Arizona has stored about 3 Trillion gallons of water underground for future use.
  4. Only 22% of water in Arizona is used in Cities and Towns, 6% is used in industry with the remaining dedicated to Agriculture and Arizona’s food independence.
  5. In the Phoenix metropolitan region, we use about 2.3 million acre-feet of water. An acre-foot is the amount of water required to cover an acre of land with one foot of water. It is about 325,851 gallons which is about how much an average family of 4 uses in a year. Most of the water is used for farming (about 40%) and for city water supplies (about 35%). Phoenix-area residents use over 50% of the water we get from city water supplies outside water for watering lawns and maintaining swimming pools.
  6. 1 acre foot of water is enough water for three average households
  7. An acre of homes uses about a quarter of the water that an acre of farmland uses.
  8. Arizona’s Agriculture is a $23 Billion Industry
  9. Arizona Exports more than 120 different fruits and vegetables
  10. Arizona is the second largest exporter in the United States of Fresh Vegetables


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