Why Vote for Cory

Candidate for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District

Cory Mishkin, candidate for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, is a native of Maricopa County. He has long been involved in the local community with both non profit charity work and local politics. He and his wife, work hard to teach their three boys the importance of giving back to their community and being good stewards of all they have.

Cory brings real world experience to any situation with the combination of his abilities as a successful business owner and his time in the non-profit sector as a youth pastor, missionary in Nicaragua, and work raising money for local non-profits. Cory’s life experiences offer the unique benefit of understanding how to balance the needs of all stake holders to ensure outcomes that benefit everyone.

Some highlights of Cory’s personal and professional experience include:

  • Grassroots community work
  • Former District Chairman and Treasurer
  • Personally raised over $100,000 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Avid real estate investor that has personally purchased and sold over 250 properties
  • COO of Cambridge Properties, his family owned boutique real estate firm
  • Past Chairman of a 501 C (6) business association
  • Actively manages a real estate team that consistently ranks in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Top Ten with nearly $2 billion in sales
  • Worked with numerous nonprofit organizations focused on providing humanitarian relief to impoverished populations

Cory is a current Precinct Committeeman, and has served both as a District Treasurer and Chairman. In his time as District Chairman, Cory worked to unite his district by raising the funds necessary to open up a District office that operated as a campaign office for all candidates and volunteers to work out of.

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